Friday, February 15, 2008

TinkiTalks By Pamsong

Blog: TinkiTalks by Pamsong
Notable Traits
Author: Pamsong is a hardcore fan of nuffnang and a regular lurker of innit. This is a girl who isn't afriad of speaking her own mind.
Blog Template: Black-themed blog with not many fancy widgets. Fast loading time. Size of the blog is reasonable and its situated in the middle of the computer screen.
Writting style: Primary School readability. That means this blog is easy to read and it doesn't a require a PHD to digest her post.
Content: Most of her post revolves around her life and her personal experience.
Blog Banner: Banner changes according to season. She had a theme for her Birthday, a theme for Christmas, a theme for Chinese New Year and a theme for Valentines Day. [Its always good to see change, especially if its a fancy graphic. Refreshing~~]
Labels: All her post are being labeled nicely which makes it a highly organized blog.

Some Maths:
Avg post per day: 3 posts
Avg comment per post: 2~15 per post (with pamsong dominating 30% of all comments)

Interesting Stuff:
She had 5 post regarding v-day!
[Makes you wonder what is she up to, doesn't it?]

3POINT8's opinion on TinkiTalks
1) Some of her post tend to be cynical. Some are witty. Some are pretty meaningless, unless you find humor in reading meaningless stuff. Sorry Pamsong. I love your sarcastic informal messages, but too bad I don't see those element in your blog.
2) Good thing is 99% of her post are rated E (E for everyone, including small lil babies who couldn't read yet) [I would have categorized her blog as 13PG if she posted a photo on her poop]
3) Pamsong is a hardcore blogger and she doesn't do paid post. [Paid post turns me off]
4) However people who post more than a post in a day freaks me out. That includes Pamsong.

Review based on Jan2008~Feb2008
Anyway, if you have the time: check her blog out @

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