Sunday, February 17, 2008

Review of the Chronicles.

Let's start off with a review on This blog whose auther's name is Yannee...

First off, you know there's this old saying "you don't know me, don't judge me" It's very true and it's been one of my principles for decades. but heck since she asked for it when she applied, I'm gonna give it!~ :p

When I first saw the appearance of this blog I was like eh? a baby picture?? hmmmm.... the picture helped me interpret that the authur is like a baby in her own little world well in the top picture it's more like looking up to her own world whaahaha. and best part is her tagline "YOU DON'T HAVE TO JUDGE ME"

Goodness, You applied for us to judge yet you telling us that we don't have to judge you? How cute! Oh well, I'm gonna do it anyways...


She blogs about random stuff that comes and goes in her life which is a good thing. This is her site anyway so it's fair that she could blog about anything she wants. But of course this is my fault where I can't read chinese so IT'S REALLY DIFFICULT FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU WRITE WOMAN!

But yea, she's SWEET enough to translate to help me understand the entry and I believe she's really considerate in doing so. There's like millions of people who goes in and out of blogs these days and it's really a good move to have the heart to translate to accomodate people from all over the world. KUDOS ON TRANSLATION!


The layout's rather plain and I personally think there's TOOOOOOOO many widgets to fit in your page. Did you not notice the huge gap below your page?? I think you could either increase the post count display in your page or lesser your widgets. Your page loads up pretty well on my lease line connection but it might be a problem for people who still uses ancient connection speed or even TM NUT broadband...

I like the white background but I'm sorry to say, somehow the green text don't seem to suit the background colour. It makes your text a little dull and it would help if you change it to something else, Blue, Darker Green perhaps or even old school Black.


One thing I personally realized in making your blog full of people, it's the NEED of PICTURES. there's insufficient picture counts in your blog and It'll be much much better if there's more pictures that you personally take and put it in.

But there's one picture that I enjoy though... which is....

Hahaha this is seriously a good one, and of course, my personal favourite!


Full of food variety... in a way it's creative of people(s) wahahaha really cracks me up at time. these people ain't funny, they're hungry!! give them something to eat pls.... =.=


You have good taste for music and I feel that the song you chose kinda fit the mood for people who reads your blog. It's a good thing though as I strongly believe music helps put you in the right ambiance to read something.


Overall I feel this blog is more of something personal rather than commercial So fellas, If you're interested in getting to know this Girl, HOP ON IN TO READ HER BLOG

I shall rate this blog...... *drum rolls* ........



OK OK!!! It's a hard choice ok!!