Sunday, February 3, 2008


what is this site is all about?
alas that is the first question?

honestly, you people...

like hello? the tagline 'show me your blog and i will tell you how much it sucks' says it all lah people. we do reviews on blogs.

but don't worry. we promise to be nice to you people! :D

who came up with the idea?
The Blog God lah, d'oh! read about it here

so who are you people?
read about us here.

read that liao. you people are not even that fehmes! think you so good one meh?
dey budak, we are not saying we are THAT good. we are doing this for pure fun. after all, it does help to generate traffic(it is proven ok!) and give your blog recognitions!

who is the Blog God?
well, the owner of this blog. d'oh. Blog God does not do the dirty review job unless he/she thinks he should put his foot down on some blogs.

and that either mean your blog is really cool or really sucks donkey cock.

and i am using he/she to refer to Blog God because the Blog God is a hermaphrodite.

why are you people doing this? got no life meh?
we do. but you don't. that's why.

haha kidding!

well, don't you like to know what others think of your blog? we do and so we think you would love to! most review sites that offer free reviews are usually by the westerners. so why not we malaysians and singaporeans start one too right?

after all who else can evaluate the awesomeness of your manglish and singlish if not us?

what criterias will you people evaluate in the review?
well, we try to give a review covering all aspects on your blog from the template to the posts (and to the author to if you happen to be a girl, in x's case).

i am a malaysian/african/dog/dig my butt and smell it later/gay/bisex/not blogging in english/etc etc. can i submit mine?
sure! anyone and everyone can submit as long you got a blog and it is an active blog. but it is at your own risk. we can't guarantee to give you satisfactory review consists of praises only. so be prepared for the very worst or the very best from us.

err...but don't submit if you blog in swahili. we haven't got a reviewer who speaks that language yet.

okay, i am in!!! but how to submit the blog lah?
easy! just go here and fill the forms. DO give description (but not an essay ok!) of your blog because we want to get the rough idea what your blog is all about. sometimes, first impression can be very misleading. :)

that's it?
no, that's not all. we are doing this for free using our time ok. so in return, kindly please copy the HTML script of our button (it is in the sidebar) and put it in your blog. only when you put our button in your blog, you will get reviewed. it is just a tiny one anyway.

once you are done, just wait. we will do our job.

how can i know if my review is already up?
well we will notify you via email provided in the form. so make sure you give us the correct email :D