Monday, February 18, 2008

Blue Apple : Renovatio

Right, so this will be my first review of the month, or should I say, OF THE YEAR... frankly speaking, I am a nobody to do reviews on people's blog, sudah-lah i can't even handle my own blog, now this adolescence task, tsk tsk...

So let us start up with my first client, a blue apple *rolls eyes*... hmmm, *looks at the whole layout of zis blog and shakes head*, dude... you sooooooooo gotta change your layout, it is very messy, unless you're treating your blog like a pin-up bulletin, well, you're doing a great job! :D If you're not, learn from the template mistress, ahemm...

Well, since you're someone CHEERFUL and BRIGHT (your font mia kaler *faint*) with your colors, prolly you might want to have a lil' touch of RETRO-ISM like this lil' sampler below and maintain a one tone color for your post writings to make it easier for aunties to read:


BTW: You can always learn basic html yourself or ask guidance from your blogger mates, your template mistress here herself learned from scratch and ding-donged her way to a good satisfying template.

;) Next up, your contents, uhmm.... enuff random, boys like girls, shy, bla bla... transformers, some random copy and paste quizzes, tags, bla bla... a typical teenager's lifestyle. I must say, you have a very good command in English, enough simple and understandable, which is good. You've been blogging for quite awhile I see, good, you have that blogging passion in you, welcome to the world of idiots and lifeless geek-tards like me... *adjust glasses*

Pictures, boy, you need to know how to keep the consistency of a one size frame, eg: make sure the sizes are all the same in the same post you're dealing with. How? Use Photoshop or any free online photo editor you can google. Since almost all bloggers are normally FREE all the time to blog, spend sometime to learn some photoshop tutorial tips to make your pictures look better and nice.

Hmmm, that's about it really, over all, blue apple (why blue apple btw?) is just any normal day-2-day blog of a teenager's life, random thoughts and daily events. I think he could gain more readers if he would give his blog a new face lift and some uber cool topics. :D I'll rate this blog a 2.5 over 5 ... ;) a fair rate for a moderate blog.

"The secret to having more readers is, making sure your readers feel comfortable at your zone", evelynholic