Saturday, February 16, 2008

being short doesn't make you a royalty

the blog i am reviewing is royalshortness by david cheong.

the author david seems to be so free (but not as free as pamsong haha! don't be angry at me ar pamsong, joking joking!), he updates frequently as in 2-3 posts daily. most posts are short and simple.

i love random stuff and i love (really!) being random because it is cute. but seriously i have no idea what this blog is about.

some posts are just too random because after reading it i was still like 'huh?' like this post. and you sometimes (wtf i use so many 'sometimes') mix too many stories in a post and you break them using '*****'. super rojak until miss rojak also feel like a lame rojak liao.

you may want to improve on that. dude, i remind you quantity is counted but make sure of the quality also ok? :D

i realised when you first began to blog, you only wrote in one paragraph unlike today. which is good by the way because reading one paragraph on the whole story is like very tiring.

moving on to the template, he is using one of the ready made layout by blogger. it is okay to use but maybe you can try to give your blog a new look by tweaking the html or search for some xml templates on the net. i have no problem with blogger's layout but something new and fresh will do good for us. i don't like blogs with "too many widgets can die" but i think yours is acceptable since your loading time is quite fast.

another thing is, do make the font a little larger but not until like this large lah. the current one is too small for reading pleasure. by the time i finish reading all your archives my eyes are positively juling.

oh and try to change the banner because it seems to look grainy and doesn't fit the area well too as it is a little bit smaller than the header area. i ain't a good photoshopper myself but the current one is just too childish. note: psst...sometimes i also steal nice nice banners from deviantart and edit the picture a little according to my preference because i suck in photoshopping so you might want to check out there.

overall this blog is okay but still can be improved. highly recommended for hardcore bloggers and people who sits in front of computers 24/7 because you get the updates frequently.

but i friggin' love the tagline: "it pays to be short, royalty just comes with it...!" it just shows your "heck, critic me all you want i am going to accept it like a man, learn from it like a man and not gonna make a big fuss over it because i am a man".

i hope you will take my opinions with the same attitude point blanc's boy (because got few posts featuring the guy!!!!) :D

p.s. do excuse the title because i love making stupid interesting and cool titles liddat.