Monday, February 4, 2008


some points that you need know before submitting:

  • review is given on first come, first serve basis
  • review will ONLY BE GIVEN if you put our button (in the sidebar) in your blog after you submit to us. it is just a tiny one anyway. it's a win-win situation right? free review and gives us some free publicity also lah.
  • the review will cover from the template to the post and other aspects too. and in x's case, the author too if you happened to be a girl.
  • the review only reflects OUR opinions on your blog.
  • the review is not done to please you people. we will tell us what we think. if you can't take critism, then don't submit. and all of us can live happily ever after.
  • once the review is up, one of us will contact you via email to notify you.
  • the reviewers may have different view(s) on different blog(s). everyone has different tastes and so do we. even if we think your blog is bad it may not appear to others. so don't sulk if our review is not up to your expectation :)
  • open discussion is allowed in comments once your review is up. you can join discussions on other reviews as well.
  • if you are still unsatisfied with your blog review, you can resubmit it again in the next six months. we will review it again.

omg, i sound so nice in this post. unbelievable.

note: this post will be edited and updated from time to time.