Tuesday, February 5, 2008

this is not an official review wtf

heck, no way i am giving away our official #1 review to this bummer.

yeah, you are right. he is one of our reviewers. -___-"

instead of finding him and shove a train rocket up his ass, i decided better. why not whack his blog dead instead for submitting his blog for a review? in other word, x, your are our laboratory rat for the day, be proud!!!

remember i said this guy being the non conformist in the About Us page? so instead of having the banner up on the top of the blog he decided to make a vertical one. weird but yes, different from others. what will we see next? a banner at the bottom? spread across the whole blog?!

blog is more of a hybrid, non sticking to any categories. first few posts consist of fucking playlists which i don't even bother reading (i got my own playlists thank you very much) there are few recipes (omg you can cook!) to be tried but reading this (click at your own risk) made me think twice. and recent postings are all about his wild life in japan (why you so gross sometimes?!) and yes, i am sorry about the recent lost of your friend.

anyway, he seems to change the layouts and themes pretty often. maybe he has too much time in his hands i don't know because nothing remains the same in this blog. from psychedelic to the iofthemourning to the macho era (wadafak so damn ghey!) and grosteskes and now mechanical bride: hell flavoured: taste like valentines. however, only one thing remains consistence though throughout all of the posts and it is the vulgarities.

you might want to reconsider the color for your post titles, damn hard to read. fucking need grandma glass ok?! and i don't think there is any point for you to put in the 'guest' widget in the right sidebar seems it will only show one visitor and that would be only me right? and i don't think i want to see my own avatar staring back at me. wtf.

now i am out. you go read him if you want to. highly not recommended for kids, conservatives and those with cardial infarctions.

and no ratings for you. hmph.

By 3point8:
Blog: This guy is just mysterious with his multi-blog linking. xniquet.blogspot.com may be his main blog, but I'm sure he has more than 1 blog. This clearly proves that he can't keep his focus on one thing for long.
Template: Loading time is freaking fast! I wonder its electricity running in his blog. Dang, This guy is a real god. He keeps all his widget to a minimum, similiar to greek's god way of fashion: the only he thing he wears is a tunic. I wonder if greek gods even wear underwears. Also, I noticed none of his template stays longer more than a month. I wonder if he copied someone's template and changed it before anyone catches him.
Writting Style: Vulgarity is supreme in his blog! It makes you wonder what he does for life. Maybe he spends 23 hours in a trafiic jam everyday. That explains where he gets his inspiration for foul language.
Content: This guy writes about personal stuff revolving his life.
Blogger: Mysterious blogger who conceals his own identity and always ready to expose the identity and personality of his fellow friends.

Chingy reporting in (after getting whacked by the Blog God for not doing anything). Well, it IS CNY after all and I must gather all my energy to get as many angpaos as possible. I will review blogs in a veryyyyy different way (If it's nothing special to you, it is to me! >_<)

He changes his layout often, perhaps TOOOO often. And surprisingly, he changes his themes and titles too, which is good, but sometimes I don't really like teh themes. I don't like certain colors. Ahahahaha.

His writing style is indeed, well, filled with vulgarities but he gets his points across. Sometimes, he does have interesting topics, and one thing I realized, he doesn't leave comments on whenever he have posts that is very personal to him.

Omg I nearly navigate away from this site and teh review will go into teh dustbin

Indeed from what Miss Rojak said, he has a vertical banner, something I would really like to copy adapt as well.

Xniquet by X

Till then, Chingy signing off to serve tea to teh Blog God (Damn, he's fussy)


OKOK Calv to the rescue... Let's see about his blog. hmmm. He is a musician no doubt about that. X should learn to put some of his music up... and I meand FULL song not just a clips of it. You have good stuff going on there with your songs so why hide it? good things must share around no?

For theme wise yea I guess he changes a lot of his theme. It is interesting to change the looks of your blog from time to time but heck if it's too often, we'll all get confused like "Damn is this X's Blog or i mistype some other address..."

Oh yes his contents, He's being himself by expressing whatever it is in his mind. I find it pretty good. In a way, it's his blog therefore he could post whatever he wants and however it is done! There's an old chinese saying that girls digs bad boys but hey this might just be the next big thing eh?! wahahahaha

Cheers bro.


The Bimbo's long awaited take on Xniquet

Bobo thinks that the last thing this darling wants is to be like every one else. He used to put up all those great playlists which he recommends to people when they are doing different stuff. He links them to his blog entry for the day. Which can (occasionally) be incredibly nonsensical yet to the point of funniness at times.

As for his blog layout, he does change them more often than other people do but they are always clear cut and easy to read. But he has this obsession with having multiple blogs. Previously it was the dirty vs clean concept... and now it's a mutual linking of posts in two blogs. One more is coming up as the Bimbo sees. Nonetheless the pictures are well-done and pretty cool. Colours chosen are not an eye-sore for the Bimbo's eyes.

Bobo especially loves all the Woa Woa posts... which of cos appeal to any common Bimbo and more so to the Ultimate Bimbo. No matter what a bad boy this author seems to be he's the ever-loving Daddy to Woa Woa who's really spoilt now.

Beneath the vulgar language, sometimes interesting messages are being sent. Of cos you'd have to read between the lines to know better. The other thing about this blog is that it's constantly under fire for comment spam. haha You know who you are!

*hugs and kisses*