Monday, February 4, 2008

Who Are We?

We are your reviewers!

The Blog God
well the owner of this blog. enough said. The Blog God won't be doing the review unless he/she finds the need in doing so.

and that either mean your blog rocks our socks or sucks donkey cock.

people refer to her as chee ching but she likes people calling her cheechingy. and ipoh mali girl, currently studying in Damansara Utama. this "kiasu perfectionist introvert" she's superbly shy when it comes to meeting new people. :D don't underestimate her designing skills!

Calvin's wife
this auntie also ipoh mali mia. she told me she is an ordinary girl next door who is married to a handsome and kind man. anyway, she is very soft hearted so easily can be bullied by me. hahahaha! (don't kill me please evie, i give you starbucks gift card ok? once i start to learn to drink coffee that's it)

the thinker among us goofers, this nice guy really writes deep philosophical stuff. thinks your blog can challenge his philosophical mind? submit and he will give you his 2 cents 38USD (I upgrade the value cause seriously he is a real thinker wan!) on your blog and opinions.

The Bimbo
the only singaporean among us reviewers, never to look down upon her just because she is a bimbo. she's got brains ok? but always never use only.

a rock lover, this guy is secretly a shrek ahahaha! he once said to me that he is more than the average joe.well, he indeed is because he is more than what you see on the surface. can play the guitar, take good photos, smart, handsome (buy me pringles for this okay!!!) what more can you ask for?!

too bad girls, he is taken.

the non conformist, foul mouthed, mountain biker, this guy indeed has weird taste in life. he might like what we all hate. talk about being different. *eye rolls* his fave line gonna be,'MY EYES.........'

wtf ambitious betul.

miss rojak
hot, sassy, sexy, smart, sophisticated, sweet, sensous - this is the girl guys will definitely fall for.

well, since i am the writer for this post, surely i can write nice nice things about myself. hmph.

p.s. ey, how come most nice complimenting words begin with the letter 's'?
p.p.s. If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.