Thursday, March 6, 2008

i have a bad memory :(

hello everyone! seems like this site is almost dead.


okaylah i admit that is a denial because this site is really dead. seriously where are you reviewers?! *glares* i thought i am supposed to be on "leave" because i have other life commitments to be done at the moment?!

anyway, i am being a wee insomniac tonight so i decided to fire this this girl who wants to make a memory

okay first impression is very, very important and i am very happy with the happy cool-for-the-eyes-color she chose for the blog layout. personally i love person who customized her own blog because it reflects who you are and for that i give you a thumb up for not making my eyes bleed to death :)

been looking at her few recent posts (sorry lah, i really lazy to look into every of your posts because i have other life commitments and you have like super banyak posts since 2005!) but from what i had observe this girl is being real and honest as in she blogs really to make a memory. she is not (yet) sold out if you know what i mean.

her posts are random but it is quite fun to look read at. she blogs about anything she wants from the usual email scams we always get in our spams to her friends to her thoughts and her life experience. it is like reading a normal teenage girl diary.

(but her blog avatar displays the other way around o.o)

however you might want to reconsider your color choice for the links because it is okay on the posts area but i find it a bit hard to read on your sidebar. maybe choose a darker lightblue tone yea? oh and do write a proper post about yourself (not compulsory lah but) because i think it is important since me myself will surely check out the 'about me' section in every blog i visited! your readers surely would love to know you better i bet :)

harmless she may seem from her blog but she can give you this


so er...because of that i give you 1 1/2 milkshakes out of five! wtf this one super random because i also don't know why i feel like giving you milkshakes for ratings so just forgive me lah.

okok i know! MUST BE BECAUSE OF THE SUNDAE! because it somehow makes me think of milk and shaking hence milkshake!

okaylah, i admit i try to act cute like teenage girl. must be affected by your blog. haha!

p.s. acting young is not a sin.
p.p.s. and the same goes to acting cute. tra la la la la~