Sunday, March 23, 2008

Simon Says What????

A very clean and organized blog indeed. Not much of fancy widgets but he is definitely a big fan of the Malaysian tv reality show especially Dream Girls, wukakakaka... anyways, he would be the best person for you to tag along to any food review session, cos he live to eat and 'wash eyes on the lengluis :P'. He has a mass post on food and only food, AND he did a great job to make his readers drool for the food he had photographed, cos I did, tee-hee-hee...

He likes outings too, so if you wanna find a person to support your community gathering and such, you must never forget to invite him, he does such a great job on promoting the after-event, like the current ones Kung Fu Dunk and Nuffie Pajama Party.

Okay to the specific area, template, my friend, live is full of colors, some like it vibrant some like it simple and just simple. Yours, is very simple, plain white and some grey monotones, these colors tells me that you're a very fussy guy wukakakaka, you must have a clean house :P . Ah anyways, it is a little boring for me, maybe because I like vibrant colors which explains why I've a big mess at home *rolls eyes*.

Well, your blog tells me that you're new to blogging so prolly that explains the bloglet in you (if you wanna know wat's bloglet, go google). Wait till you're a year old, well make it six months old, I bet you would start tweaking your own template and finally get to understand what colors mean :P (dang what's with me and colors).

Neways, you made your posts simple enough for your readers to understand, which is a good thing. Some bloggers like making their readers go huffing away to dig out their huge thesaurus to know what that one hundred blardy words meant in that one blardy post. *rolls eyes*

Conclusion, there's nothing much for me to talk about, cause you're new, but keep up the good pictures on food. Keep updating us on what's new in town, from events to hang out spots in Kuala Lumpur and perhaps those from out of town ;). And for this review, I shall reward you 2 and a half scoop of ice-cream out of the five scoops in my freezer, of course, you get to choose what flavor you want. :D

"The secret to having more readers is, making sure your readers feel comfortable at your zone", evelynholic

p/s: all pics were adapted from Simon Says.