Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just Another Day in Utopia

Welcome to Nux’s Utopia, a place where almost all the widget in the world could be found which is a good thing if you are looking for new and cool widgets to fill in your blog but if you are not, you might wanna go grab yourself a Latte while you wait for her blog to load. Nux has been blogging since 2005 on Friendster and then on blogger but in another blog called “Something is happening” but for this review, we are going to look into this blog only. if the only thing you find interesting is sex and nudey pictures. I am sorry. You came to the wrong utopia , none here because this blog is for general audience. First thing if you have been following this blog like me, you will notice Nux’s LOVE TAGS and loves giving them too, so if you are not into doing tag, you better run far-far away from Nux before she comes and get you. Nux has a number of post on circulated emails which are pretty interesting; She loves her garden and she loves her fishes which is called fillet version # ( I lost count). Just one question why she name it fillet (sounds like she is going to eat them). And a warning to all, there is lots of food to be found in this blog, so you better read this blog on a full stomach. Can you imagine i had to go grab something from the fridge to munch on 3 times while doing this review...

As for the layout, besides having almost all the widgets in the world congregate in her blog and waiting for it to load is always a pain in the butt, I think the rest looks good to me . Your posts are nicely tagged. It is easily to move around and getting what you want in this blog is easy. So I guess the only thing I am going to complain is that your side bar is way far too long due to the amount of widget that you have which contribute to the slow loading time.

You know what, I do not need a long post to tell you about this blog, this is one of the few blogs that I read since I started blogging and have been reading ever since. Just slightly over a year of reading this blog I can tell you that Nux is one of the most down to earth blogger I have ever known. She takes joy and pleasure in the simplest things in life that we have taken for granted. Food like Old Change Kee Curry Puff (this was from her pevious blog), stamp collecting, school badges collecting (she is old school man, that rocks!!!) and even Toong Fong Bus Tickets (!!!!). Anyway, my personal favorite post in her blog is this one- Bizarre (about bizarre items found in her house).

A personal to Nux, we know you are still coping with your new company, so hang in there and when you do, come back strong okie?

so here is couple of nudges to help her Nux to kick start her....