Thursday, August 14, 2008

I present you, STICKS

Sticks, I wonder why... maybe because he loves drumming, is there such word?? Or perhaps you're as skinny as a stick *envy*?? Hmmm, maybe you can tell us why "sticks", but your url says you're a star in a circle. Does that means you worship the star of David??

Hmmm... Your blog, Mr.Tinesh, is pretty simple, a simple layout for a simple man, I must say, or are you rather fancy? If so, please do show your true self. You like Neil Gaiman, you should be more colorful, now don't hide... *wink*

so the garang (=_=)"

You're very much into football, that's normal, it's pretty much a craze here for guys. I wonder why. Is it because footbalism is a form of machoness?? Does that make guys who are not into football sissy?? Hmm.. It'll take years for me to understand what's so interesting about footballs, I mean it's just a ball, right? *tee-hee-hee* You're quite aware of the political issues in your country. Are you a law student? Just guessing... it's good that you take notice of your surroundings, unlike some people, they just couldn't care less. Probably one day, when you grow up much elder, you'll help to make the world a better place.

You're a musician, that explains your black template. Why is it all musicians like black aye? Is there something significant in that color that makes you extra whimsical in your music?? Please enlighten me. Or does that adds in a little mysteriousness in your being?? *ponders*

You master English pretty well, your posts are easy to understand, you have a number or return readers... an average joe-blogger. Oh, your sexy outfit is your birthday suit, now I'm really curious bout that. Can you elaborate on that? *tee-hee-hee* Is it just a piece?? With a tail perhaps?? LOL.. right, ahemm....... sorry. And oh, you're an art student! Okay, where's your creative side??? Come on, you can do better than this. If you ever need templates, you can always google for "blog templates" and I'm sure there'll be a whole list for you to pick. Or maybe you're just lazy huh... never mind.

Neways, you're a 2 year old blogger, who loves music and politics, and arts, and football, and Leah.... (:P). And yes, those people behind our gomen are buggers. Keep on writing, keep on doing what you love to do, and don't befrienders with Pinksterz too much, she has a corrupted mind, Wukakakakkaka... *runs* And boy, you've been to so many places, lucky you! Lastly, I'll award you 2.5 out of 5 stars for a moderate blog, I hope you don't mind. *wink*

Eiffel Tower, such a beauty!

"The secret to having more readers is, making sure your readers feel comfortable at your zone", evelynholic

p/s: all pics were adapted from Sticks