Thursday, April 3, 2008

Class Skipping Guru

I don’t treat it like a day job and I don’t certainly treat the blog like a test subject , dissect it , analyzed it and try to come up with a logical conclusion and nutshell it. Instead, I am taking these blog and treating them like a bed time story and because I believe every blog tells a story, so here I go by telling you all a story, about a girl who lives in woodland, Singapore. It starts off with her being a student, capturing moments of her life as a teen that is nearing the end of her high school days, a very photo intensive beginning. I can totally relate to her because her school’s vice principle knows her by name and she loves to cut class which were the two things I am famous for when I was in school, and I think both of us are pretty damn proud of it. Hey she even got a guide on What to Do When You Skipped School .

After her exams and while waiting for her results, she moved into the working teen queen phase with an ambition of saving $5000. Often ranting about what a lousy sales person she is and how she loath asking for allowance from her mum; damn girl, I was still taking hand out after I graduated. Very noble indeed but kinda sadden me too when I read this line…” Mum called to ask me to buy my own dinner. I bought potato chips from 7-11. Lousy sale person can't afford real food.” Well, we all have our days don’t we? And this is the phase in her life when she openly admits that she misses school life. I wonder if she ever has any remorse for cutting so much classes during her school time? From here her post revolves around her working life, trying to look good, girly stuffs like pedicures, shopping list, earrings..etc and of an idiotic brown hair computer sales person.

Things got a bit boring in the middle because basically, there was a number of posts which includes the word “SIAN” (boring in Cantonese) in it. And here is where I found out that she is pretty good in making handmade accessories like bracelet, earrings and other stuff. When I say earlier on I wonder if she even regretted cutting classes. I guess I found the answer here[What to Do When You Skipped Schoo part 2], this was after she became a Polytech student.

After which, there was a change of heart on skipping school read this, Taken from Skipping School.
For the first time ever in my life,I got an intense longing for school.Much due to the fact that I did not attend much of it since school started,and skipping school is seriously getting boring(didn't go to school on wed either,ended up sleeping the whole day off).Sa and I pretty much toured the whole of Singapore in previous 'let's skip school together' adventure,going to the KTV isn't light on our wallet too(but it's still a preferred way of spending our day).But in the end,we did not made it to school."

Can I have a Hellelujah, this child is save.!!!!

Then again, she was caught skipping class again, which she openly admitted in her blog. The blog moves on to have more girly stuff like handsbags, shoes, dress, shoe, hand bags, shoe and dress and shoes…more bimbotic post then before (she even admits it). Some reviews of movies, drama, and songs. So guys if you are interesting in this fruity pie, start taking note on what she likes and don’t like. Hey,I don’t have to teach you guys right? Don’t you know a girl’s blog is free info on how to get into her good book. There is one particular post which is worth mentioning where she was nagging her mum which I find hilarious.

In between some of her daily life routine post, you will find some brain crunching question type of post like this one:

Will Malaysia help us if S’pore Sink?
-Give it a read and see some of the answers given by others.

Ugly People
- Her take on ugly guys complaining about ugly girls

Evolna’e Theories Whether Alien Exist
- A Singaporean Girl’s view on aliens….

Is fur really bad?
- her views on PETA

So here comes some good points and some criticism:

First off the list is the lack of creativity on the title of the post, let me just highlight to you on

Haha 2 times
Wahaha 2 times
Blah 2 times
Aiyo 2 times
Ahhhhh 1 time
Hee hee 1 time
Pui 1 time
Opss 1 time
Yay! 1time
Erms 1 time
Untitled 15 times

Sometimes it is a good thing to have inconsistency in your blog, like the way you take your picture, or the way that you write, because it gives more flavor to your blog, but certain things should stay consistent, i.e.: the size of the font. You might now be able to spot it if you are reading it daily , but if you are doing a review like me, the constant change of font size is making my eye like this: @.@

Is this a pre-designed template? If so, great taste in choosing one like this. I kinda like the color scheme, green feel not the Hari Raya Green but the soothing green of green green pasture green which reminds me of my room type of green. It really goes with the title Sentimental Nonsense. The colors are easy on the eyes, except for the tag box which is kinda stand out too much if you ask me. Apart from the advertisement widget, the rest of your widgets are like in a mess. Maybe you should like rearrange them or something. i.e, like trying to centre it and try not to glue all of them together.

Loading time is superb, even on days where my line is shitty. I love a blog with minimum load time, and this will definitely earn you more points. No auto load music or videos which is definitely a Hell yeah for me, because, those auto load things just gets me every fucking time.

And about The First Post and a couple more post in the beginning, all I can say is MY EYESSSSSSSS, come on what were you thinking? Purple font on a Green background, my eye was practically bleeding when I read the first post.

Reading this blog certainly gives you the nostalgic feeling if you have already leave school and college for a long time like me. Damnit, I miss cutting class, eating during lesson, the rush I get every time got spot check and visiting the principal’s office. Anyway, this review was written before Evolna got her Blythe Doll- Tina Tuna. That is why I didn’t mentioned it up there somewhere, but to do Tuna some justice, I think I should at least point you to that direction. This blog reminds me of one thing - that is fun when I was in school and the thing that pops in my mind after reading this is The Smashing Pumpkins’s 1979. So this is what I am going to rate:

Lastly, for Evolna,

Here’s a little something from the Blog God, drawing of you and Pear done by one of our reviewer, Ah Jian who is also a cat and I think he totally digs pear XD…